smiling-garage-doorBefore we begin, let’s get something straight:  We know that garage doors and the system that makes them open and close are not living organisms.

That being said, garage doors and their supporting systems have human attributes; for instance, they’re reliable for the most part. They do what you want it to, when you want it to.

When you think about it, they put up with a lot. The sun beats down on the door all day long. It gets cold in the winter, and wet when it rains.  The door protects you so that you can stay safe and protected from the elements.  They take all the abuse.

And there’s the issue of children bouncing balls off the exterior over and over and over again.  The door doesn’t say “Stop that!  You’re being annoying and you’re wearing me down!” It just takes the punishment.  And when someone runs into it or backs into it with their car, that’s when things can go south.  And just like a person, the older they get, the more finicky they get, too.

Garage door systems need to be treated with a lot more respect than they receive. We take them for granted.  We want them to work when we want it to, and not give us any sass or backtalk. When they do talk, they talk in their own language, and you need to listen,  because if you don’t, they can turn from being your friend into being your worst nightmare at the worst possible time.

When parts start to malfunction, but not shut down all the way, it’s a cry for help; it’s saying “Hey, I’m not feeling so hot! I need a little hand here!”  When the door shakes, it might be because the door is out of alignment; the rollers might have done all they can to keep things moving, but they wear down and they’re sending a signal that it’s time for other rollers to take over.  When the springs creak louder than normal, they may need to be lubricated.  When the door only goes up part of the way, or doesn’t lower all the way, your sensors are saying, “Um, I can’t see here. I need some backup.”

The worst thing, however is when your garage door system just stops working.  It’s the equivalent of giving you the silent treatment.  It’s saying, “I’ve had enough. I really need some help now and I’m going to make your life miserable until you do something about it.”

Garage Door Technicians are like Garage Door Whisperers. They speak Garage fluently.  They get garage doors, and if you’re having a failure to communicate with your garage door system, it’s time to bring in someone who does. Call us today.