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We don’t just install and repair garage doors!
We specialize in gate installation and repair, too!

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Gate Services

Garage door repair and installation isn’t all we offer, we can also feature repair and installation services for gates.

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    Gate Repair and Installation Dublin CA

    Gate Repair Dublin CAGarage Door and Gate Repair in Dublin are the go-to experts when ti comes to the repair, and installation service of residential and commercial gates.

    Our company’s repair technicians are certified, experienced and can fix, replace or install any gate and related parts.

    Along with installing gates and fixing them, we can also perform routine maintenance as well as service, maintain, or install: · Electric Gate Openers    · Gate Motors     ·  Gate Equipment      · Gate Safety Devices     · Intercom Systems      · and a lot more!

    We love working on gates and making sure that they provide the security that you’re looking for.  We’re also available for emergency services.  If you need help with your current gate or you’re looking for a new gate, we’re here to point you in the right direction!  Contact us today!

    Automatic Gate Repair

    Automatic Gate Repair Dublin CAAutomatic gates are a terrific addition to your home or business and add a layer, or depending on the configration of your gate, several layers of protection that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

    We rely on our gates to work flawlessly month after month and year after year, but at some point in time, it will break down and you need someone you can depend on to fix the problem and get it up and running fast!

    Gate Repair Dublin offers professional installation and repair of automatic gates and their related parts.  Our expertise is unmatched, and we offer emergency service for those times when you need it the most. We’re bonded, certified, and have extensive experience.  When your gate goes down, pick up the phone! We’re happy to help! .

    Slide Gate Repair

    Slide Gate Repair Dublin CASlide gates are used in a variety of settings, but mostly business settings. They’re extremely popular when it comes to apartment complexes. That being said, when the slide gate goes down, going in and out is a real challenge, and that’s where we can step up and restore your gate operation as soon as possible.  For more information on our slide gate repair and installation services, contact us today!

    Swing Gate Repair

    Swing Gate Repair Dublin CASwing gates are fantastic gates that are simple to use in a variety of settings. They can be operated either manually or automatically.The most common problem with swing gates lie within the swing gate hinges.  They can rust, bend, or break, depending on the frequency of use.  Another common problem is the gate post. If it breaks or bends, the gate won’t close properly.

    You can count on us to get your swing gate operational in no time!  Contact us for details!

    Security Gate Repair

    Security Gate Repair Dublin CASecurity gates bring unparalleled peace of mind to any business and is the most commonly used gate among small businesses. Sometimes the gates will become jammed or go off track,  compromising the safety and security of your business.   We can fix any security gate promptly!  Call us for more information!

    Gate Opener Repair

    Gate Opener Repair Dublin CAWhen selecting an automatic gate system, it’s important to select the right type of gate opener. Not all gate openers work the same, and their sizes and functionality depend on both the weight and the dimension of the gate.  When any part of the opener goes down, problems ensue that could prove to be disastrous for your home or business.

    Our company is proud of our gate opener service and we service all types of gates, including Ramset, BSL, Elite, and Lift Master.  We’re happy to help you find the opener you need to fit your needs and can fix any opener related issue.  You can rest assured that we will stay on top of any problem and will see any repairs through to their completion.  To schedule an appointment, contact us today!

    Gate Sensor Repair

    Gate Sensor Repair Dublin CAGate sensors were created to make sure that the gate opens and closes free of any obstruction.  A continuous beam of light indicates that it’s safe to open or close the gate; on the other hand, if there’s a disruption in the beam, then the gate either stops or reverses direction to avoid pinning anything between the gates, therefore, avoiding accident or injury. If the sensor ceases to work, then accidents can occur.

    We can install and repair any gate sensor systems and we’re here to serve your gate sensor needs right now. Call us when you need our help!

    Gate Intercom Repair

    Gate Intercom Repair Dublin CAIntercom systems are important to monitor who’s entering your home or business.  Retail businesses wouldn’t necessarily an intercom because they want and need foot traffic, but other businesses provide more one-on-one services, such as doctor’s offices or legal office might need to provide more safety to their clients and customers.

    Our company offers a terrific selection of audio systems as well as audio and video systems.  We also repair existing systems, including replacing keypads or burned out motherboards.

    We’re here to take care of all of your intercom systems!  Our service is backed up our 100% guarantee, and we are dedicated to ensure your intercom’s flawless operation.



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